01. Overview

Andrew Reece  — 3 days, 1 hour ago
This post is meant to provide a general overview of the code structure to contextualize later information.

As with Handmade Hero, I'm using a win32 layer that opens a dll with the platform-independent interaction and rendering code. The dll is watched and reloaded when it gets recompiled.

All the drawing is based on a large array of points, which shapes index into for their constituent components. This allows for easily moving points around both individually by the user and as a group when rotating/panning/zooming the canvas.
These are currently alongside a parallel array of bytes ...
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v0.7.1 Release - Animation and icons

Andrew Reece  — 4 days, 9 hours ago
No longer shall you be disoriented by rapid changes in the movement or rotation of the canvas. Be smoothly transported from one place to another as if guided by well-oiled bearings. Furthermore, do so under the 'G' banners proudly emblazoned on the taskbar and corner of your window.

Download directly or from the Geometer Github repo.
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The shackles keeping your canvas in place have been cast off! Exercise your newfound freedom by moving around, looking at the world from different angles, and getting up close to really appreciate those pixelly curves.

Download v0.7 directly or the Geometer GitHub page.

  • Pan with the arrow keys or middle-click + drag or space + left-click + drag.
  • Return to the origin with Home.
  • Zoom with PgUp/PgDown or the scroll wheel.
  • Rotation is achieved by setting the (horizontal, right-facing) x-axis. After selecting a point, Alt + left-click to set the x-axis along the line that would have been drawn.
  • The canvas can ...
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00. Greetings

Andrew Reece  — 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Hi all, thanks for checking out my project. The software I'm making, 'Geometer', is a desktop application for drawing in a way that emulates traditional construction with compass and straightedge. There's more info on the impetus behind it on the main project page, so I'll try not to repeat myself too much here.

This is just to provide a brief introduction to me, the project, and what I'll be doing with this blog.


I'll get the self-aggrandizing part out of the way so we can focus on the important stuff.

I'm Andrew, I ...
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